Happy Valentine’s Day


This saturday was heads over tails better then last saturday.  sean has made me very excited for all the holidays to come.  we had a great valentine’s day.  He got me an amazing painting by a local artist that i love.  we woke up early to get his blood drawn for his physical, went to breakfast (where  I had champagne) and then came home to open my gift.  Later that evening we had dinner at Cuidad- my gift to sean, though he put money towards the bill because it came out to much MUCH more then i expected.  I was glad to be able to buy him dinner— i hadn’t been able to think of what to give him, and his gift to me was amazing.  serioulsy amazing. i can’t wait to hang it.  I’m afraid to touch it because I don’t want anything to ruin it.

I spent Friday not working, but running around the city, trying to take care of myself and then grading papers (one class left). I’m so glad to have one more day off (four days just simply isnt’ enough) to get things done (grading, studying, writing lesson plans and activities) before the semester begins.  Goodness.  I still feel so far behind, but I’ll do what I can.

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