I am finally back to my blogging after an insanely busy semester. My last day of work was last Thursday, as was my last day of the summer term at LMU. Between February and now there have been so many ups and downs and so much work to do professionally and academically that finding a spare moment to myself was difficult. Thursday night it felt like I wanted to scratch my brain out. Sean was great and got me water and chocolate and reminded me that it was the first second that I’d had to relax in 9months. He put on a murder mystery and I fell asleep within 10 minutes. Aside from going to my tech class that I’m finishing up (it ends on the 7th of July), going to Ballet, and a BBQ to meet Sean’s coworkers, I have been asleep the last three days. I spent a little time getting my money situation straightened out and I did some reading, but other then that I have been resting. I had a pancake brunch on Friday and after wards I got into my car and headed to the Culver city library to do some work. I didn’t even make it out of my car. I just felt so tired and sad that I called my mom and then drove home. Its been good to rest ever since. Last night Sean went out with friends. I turned on music and just slept. It felt wonderful. I almost feel like myself today! Its about 1:30 and he’s awake and stretching. I’ve put a summer dress on hold to pick up at Express, called in my prescriptions, and planned out my day for tomorrow: 10:30 Ballet, 7:00 Yoga, reading and chilling in between. We are still working on the slow process of planning how to move in with each other (the bathroom stuff and some clothes are up here…the rest will take the rest of the summer to situate). I am just trying to find my barrings and my space as we make this transition together. While it feels like I’m going nuts, Sean has been great about putting his hand on my knee and letting me know that I am okay. I’ve made the decision to not do any work this summer. ZERO. I have a year long plan that is due for my tech class on the 7th, and so between now and then I will plan out my units for next year, and then be done with it until August 25th. I don’t even want to talk about work between now and then. It will make me better for next year.

I like this. everyone I know is starting on new adventures. now that i’m back to blogging I can’t wait to hear more about your adventures. HUGS!


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