At home


I love summer!  its officially my favorite holiday.  I slept in until noon and am having a 100 calorie pack of popcorn as my breakfast.  I am shopping for what i need to transform my new room into my own space.  I have a vague idea, but you know, i’m still working it out.

Reading Lamp

clothes storage I have not had adequate clothes storage since i lived at home.

My dream chair (but with a cranberry cushion to match the decor).  I can find one on craigslist, but I am made weary about the furniture of strangers, especially after my current living situation.  the onlyproblem is that its huge, which is a plus and a minus.  i will remain on the hunt.

After doing some thinking, and remembering how my back suffered when I bought my first “dream” chair, I think this will make a much better chair!  Its expensive.  Sean said that he would help me pay for it.  The guys are really trying to make me feel like this is my home too.  I don’t think I have ever had people try to make me feel so welcome.

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