Movie Night


We had  our first movie night as a house.  Sean showed his new favorite, Everything is Terrble, and his father’s movie, Beyond the Doors.  I made pasta and marinara.  Abe brought fruit tart.

Fruit Tart

Fruit Tart

Goodness, I swear I am the only adult who still eats with their eyes and not their stomach.   I didn’t need that second piece of fruit tart. IT DIDN’T EVEN TASTE THAT GOOD! I really didn’t need it.  Goodness, now my stomach hurts. My pasta was really good though.  Argh.  I have got to stop eating wheat and dairy.  They make my tummy hurt. What is wrong with me?  Everything has to be about making deliberate choices, not just willing things to happen.  Goodness.  I think I will take a yoga class during the day or go for a long walk.

The fruit tart was actually my second tart of the day.  Today has been rather delicious, actually.  I went to see Dr. Witherspoon at 11.  Then, I headed over to the promenade for some window shopping.  I spent an hour and a half or more in Banana Republic just trying  on clothes that I didn’t buy.  I did end up buying an extremely high waist size 8 white pencil skirt.  It was marked down to 27.99.  I couldn’t resist. The link is to a petite.  The skirt I bought was not a petite, but I do have my fair share of petite dresses from BR.  Actually, all of my dresses from BR are petites.  They don’t fit any differently, they’re just a tad bit shorter.

While I was in line buying it an old coworker came up to me.  I have the hardest time having conversations with people. I don’t know what my deal is, but its soooooo odd.  I never know what to say.  EVER.  And she wanted to go get  a drink, like water or coffee…and I wanted to just go away.  But I didn’t.  I went to Monsieur Marcel and we chatted about life.  I let her give me advice about cooking, because I needed it, and it made things less awkward.  I asked her questions about her marriage and told her about Sean, and asked her advice about how to make a happy marriage and a happy relationship.  I ordered the Chef’s tart, which was a fluffy pastry with mozzarella, tomato, basil, processuto, and arugala.  I was much better about this! I only ate half of it!  I did get a scoop of chocolate gelato though! yeah! It twas delicious.  A girl’s got to treat herself with stuff that’s worth it.  I need to remember that.  Especially if I wish to continue to fit into size 8 skirts.  Goodness.  Hey, at least I’m exercising instead of being all bulimic.  My teeth were way too expensive for that.  My goal isn’t to lose weight.  My goal is to get control of my choices.

I am having quite a good time being pretty active today.  I didn’t take one nap! Woot! I talked to both Mags and Shals.  It was nice having the guys come over and to really have a good time just hanging out.  My stomach has almost stopped hurting.  bahumbug.


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