I couldn’t be a house wife.  I really couldn’t.  I’ve been out of work for  week and while I sleep a lot, I also miss having someone to talk to.  Don’t get me wrong, I love talking to Sean, but I miss the ladies.  I miss Ms. Nguyen across the hall.  I have so many odd as strings of conversations I want to start, but really no one to start them with. Its more fun to talk with your girl friends then it is with your boyfriend.  He has his best friend over and they’re playing video games, which is fine by  me becuase I’m listening to music and reading a book that I’m about to spoil…swear to God.  I haven’t just listened to music and read a book in the longest, so I am going to take my time enjoying these moments.  I figure, since I have a blog, I might as well start those random conversations here.

1. I keep looking at my calendar to make sure I have exercised enough this week.  isn’t that crazy?  This is something Ms. Nguyen, Ms. Sevilla and Ms. Cariaga and I would talk about.   I went on to Yoga on Monday, Ballet on Tuesday, I go to ballet again tomorrow and again on Saturday.  For some reason my brain does not compute.  I’m an odd duck.

2. I had my last cupcake today. Sean brought me a red velvet with cream cheese frosting cupcake.  It had a red rose petal on top.  Porto’s is so classy.  It made my intestines spike about 45 minutes after I ate it.  The same thing happened today while I was shopping.  The only thing I’d eaten was a bowl of Honey Nut Os at that point.  I’m just going to go to the doctors and get a test done. Several tests.

3. The healthnet site is sooooo confusing.  I should just go get my wallet and type in my subscriber number.

4. I hope I don’t bug…nevermind.  Boys are odd.

5. I’m really digging country music right now.

6. I wonder how Amanda is doing?

7. Furniture shopping is a pain in the butt.


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