I have become obsessed with my mint.com account.  I think I do something like this every once in a while to really get a hold of my finances.  Summertime, the only time I have to get my life straightened out before my life becomes all about the lives of the children I teach.  So, along with getting my diet figured out (I emailed Shuana, the Gluten Free Girl, for advice on how I can really go gluten free this time.  I know, I did it once, but I’d like to hear what she has to say on the matter), I am looking at my budget and figuring out where I can make cut backs.

Mint.com has these nifty charts and graphs which make it super easy to see where unneccesary spending is going on. Big budget areas that don’t usually impact me, but did in May and June were travel and shopping.  I had the realization yesterday that when you give away all of your clothes you kind  of have to replace them.  I traveled back home to see my parents while my aunt was really sick.  the only thing  keeping me from traveling up for the memorial service is that my mother has veto’d the idea.  She says that I’ve spent enough money traveling back and forth.  According to Mint.com, I have spent quite a lot.  Last minute tickets aren’t too expensive, but they’re also not guaranteed to be cheap either. Cutting down on travel, clothes shopping, and dining out will save me a considerable amount of money.  when I cut out travel and clothes shopping, I’ll save nearly $1000.  I do have a some great clothes that will really help me step up next year to the level of actually looking like a teacher and a grown up.   Also, spending that time with my family was beyond worth it.  Sean sent Banana Republic a check for $320 last week to cover what we purchased in San Francisco, so that helps to balance things out. Next year we’ll be paid 12 months instead of 11, so I won’t need to put aside money to cover my bills for the month of August. I can actually be saving to be SAVING.  Which will be great!

I guess all things are possible if I keep my eye on what I really want.  My goals: to stay healthy, to stay financially stable, to feel balanced.


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