New Life


When I decided to move in with Sean, I also decided to upgrade my wardrobe.  Actually, the upgrade decision was as a result of the shopping I did on my last trip to Seattle.  After our last visit with my aunt in the hospital, the Girls (mom, Dee, and Angel) and I decided to go shopping.  I added three new dresses to my wardrobe.  This was on top of the clothes that Sean purchased for me from Banana when we were in San Francisco.  Today, I went to the BR in El Segundo because I’ve never visited that store.  I returned a dress and the skirt I picked up yesterday (-68.00) and tried on practically everything in the store!  I got so many things for like $178.  So, really, it was like for $110 because I’d returned the other two items.  I feel like my summer shopping is now complete!  I got some AMAZING DEALS!  All the sale item recieved an additional 30% off their sale price, plus I recieved an additional 10% off because I used my Luxe Card.  Here’s what I got!

This beautiful, 100% leather brown bag. No more bags from Target for me!  The final price was $59.99.  I swear, I’ve spent  more then that on purses in these last three months.

I also got a very nice cream colored cardigan.  I’ve got to find some way to make pencil skirts work with flat sandals.  I’m just glad everything was relatively cheap..and perfect!  Now i just need it to be scorching hot so that I can wear my summer dresses!


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