independence day


I wish I had sunglasses with the ability to take pictures at whatever I see.  Coming home from ballet, the westbound 10 was shutdown to due to a multiple vehicle car accident.  One ambulance, one fire truck, six cars, and one motorcycle were along the shoulder while police vehicles were parked perpindicular to traffic to block it off. That was at 11:30.  Crazy.

To celebrate my independence I have purchased an 8 week 90 minute ballet series at the studio.  Today was my first day. I go to ballet all of the time, and I enjoy going to this teacher’s class because its difficult, and she pushes me.  I still have a ways to go before I am even at level 1, let alone intermediate (which is the level of the series i bought), but its 90 minutes of practice, which I love. I love dancing.  I love sweating.

We’re going to Sean’s BFF Don’s Grandmother’s place in Bel Air for the 4th.  Her house is where we go for every major holiday.  It has a pretty nice view of the city.  I enjoy spending time with Don’s family.  Its a nice group of people and it mixes things up a bit.  Happy 4th!


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