Making Me Up


I have that old song stuck in my head, “on top of spaghetti/all covered with cheese/i lost my poor meatball/when somebody sneezed”.  I woke up around 9 and felt the need beautiful-eyes-photoshop-makeup40to discover the power of youtube.  I went to town on my eyebrows last night.  Not in a bad way, but in a way that gave them more shape, I guess.  I don’t know.  They definitely thinner.  I’ll take a positive spin- they look fine.  My face looks fine.  But I decided that since I’m transitioning in my clothes, I should transition a little in the make up area as well.  Just for kicks…and to pull it all together. Not too much, but just to give it all a finishing touch.  I stopped all together because sean said that he liked my skin with nothing on it.  Well, he doesn’t go to work with me, so he can see my skin with nothing on it after I come home from ballet or working out! I also told him, “thanks, but i don’t do this for you.  I do this for me.”  you tube has all these great tutorial videos on applying makeup.  I especially tailored my search specifically for dark skin.  It makes no sense to watch someone apply make up on a skintone that is much lighter then mine when you’re looking for specific colors.  Now, when it comes to technique, then that’s different.  It doesn’t matter what the skintone!  I found one really great video for achieving a natural look for dark skin, and two great sites for make up technique.  It was totally fun!  It also made me want to go out and find different skins for my blog!  That’s how I know i’m getting back to normal.  I’m starting to care about my appearance and the appearance of things around me!  God, I don’t want summer vacation to ever end!  I love makeupgeektv and  She is so pretty!  Here’s a link to her entire Make up 101 series.  Its always good to go back to basics. I’m doing this before I’ve even had breakfast..which at this point will become lunch because its 11:40am.

Splurge List: (I’m an eyes girl)

MAC PaintPot: Constructivist; MAC PaintPot: Quite Natural; MAC eyeshadow: Folie; MAC FluidLine: Blacktrack

Our plan for today is to clean.  I’m trying to transition to moving upstairs.  Sean has deemed the other room my sanctuary, which will be nice.  I can sing in there!  He really wants me to feel at home.  The other night he rolled over and told me that this was my home forever, and from now on whenever I think of home it will be with him, so its important to him that I feel like I have a place in this home.  Not that I just sleep here or eat here, but that I live here.  He makes me feel more at home then I’ve  ever been able to make myself feel.  So, Eric, Sean and I are going to do some massive cleaning in the apartment.  I already have it calendared out how what we will be doing which weekends to make moving in a little easier.  Goodness.  I totally love him.

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