My so-called new life


I have a new life.  Not really…but really.  I am married.  We live in Venice.  I clean and do laundry during the day.  I take swim lessons/dance classes and grocery shop at night.  I subscribe to public radio.  I order placemats and buy cooking tools by Martha Stewart.  I buy my produce from a co-op called Farmer’s Choice so that I know that every piece of fruit or vegetables I put into my mouth was grown in California.  I ate a salad before dinner.  I made the best home made pizza tonight!  I use coasters.  I watch the history channel.  I almost gave myself a black eye trying to get a moth  away from my face. I question how the hell a moth got into my house!  I know that I don’t need a second helping of pizza…but I want it. 

Drool over my pizza!

1/2 spinach and tomato, 1/2 cheese, all onion and garlic


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