Late Night Chicken Pot Pie


Sean and I are really getting into cooking.   last year our TV obsession was the Dog Whisperer.  This year its Good Eats, 30 minutes of awesome food science plus food history and always a recipe.  For our wedding, we received so many of the really cool kitchen gadgets for which we registered.  I didn’t really know what I was registering for at the time, I just knew that every even semi-efficient kitchen I’d seen had them:

Le Creuset french Oven

Kitchen Aid Standing Mixer

Oster Blender

food processor (all in the color red!)

cookbooks.  Oh boy, did I get cookbooks!  I received at least two at the wedding, in addition to the ones that we started getting handed down to us in the weeks before the wedding.  Our family really wanted to make sure that we did not starve.

We have had pretty good time of putting these instruments to use!  We use the blender frequently for smoothies and  the food processor for chopping veggies.  Today I found the perfect recipe for using our french oven and our standing mixer (though I didn’t use it for tonights recipe, I will definitely use it next time!):  CHICKEN POT PIE.

I got the recipe from Cook’s Illustrated Best Recipe’s cookbook (thanks, Susan!).  Its 10:05pm and we are waiting for the timer on the oven to go off and let us know that its time to eat.  That’s why its now my recipe for late night chicken pot pie.  I’m sure that with practice it will not take me 3 hours to make this recipe.  I did make it all from scratch so I’m cutting myself some slack.  IT’ DONE!

OMG!  Its good!!  Its more then just edible! It makes me glad that I spent so much time cooking it!

Sean’s response: “Baby, you can’t cook food this good and not expect me to eat it all!”

I documented my cooking process with pictures, however I am unable to retrieve them from Sean’s camera.  Please just trust that its very pretty and quite delicious.

Things I learned cooking this meal:

1) the blender does not make a good substitute for  a good sized food processor.

2) the next time I want to make pastry dough from scratch I will find the recipe that accompanies the stand up mixer…that is supposed to be used for such things.

3) purchase all your spices before hand.  I did not have thyme or parsley…but I did have salt and pepper, and it did turn out awesome!

4) its absolutely worth it to buy pre-cut veggies from whole foods.

5) have gelato on hand to eat should you get hungry half way through the process (I had some, and it was yummy!)

6) having all types of cooking instruments on hand makes cooking that much easier.  My next purchase will be an extra set of measuring spoons (i’m always getting them dirty) and a bench scraper (this makes it easier to lift flattened dough), and mixing bowls of various sizes.  We got the 17 piece set of Pyrex dishes that are totally great for mixing and storage.  We prefer to use them for storage.  I still have a $25 gift certificate! I will need to also purchase cake pans, though unless I plan on upping the amount of cardio i do (and I don’t) then I probably should just avoid the cake pans all together.

7) even if the dough does not come up or lay perfectly…or by chance breaks part in your hands, doesn’t mean it can’t still be used!  Mine came apart as i lifted it from the cutting board (because i had no bench scraper) so I simply laid the pieces across the stop and it still turned out yummy!

I wish i had pictures to show you. (updated 10/22/2010: I found the wire to download the pics.  Here they are!)


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