Money saver extraordinaire


Okay, I’m not sure if I’m truly a money saver extraordinaire but I aspire to be one.  It makes me feel both anxious and secure.  I have a constant case of butterflies in my stomach when I think about my budget or my bank account, but it also makes me feel like my feet are on the ground.  que sera.

We’re being adults.  I  have cooked every single night of the week this week! Monday through Wednesday I have devised/followed/cooked a recipe that Sean has found delicious and more then edible.  We had friends over last night and I hosted both dinner and dessert!  Dinner was chicken thighs marinated in sweet onions and lime with sauteed red bell pepper and pinto beans over lettuce.  We ate around the dinner table that is now working as our living room table (what’s that called again?) with chips, guacamole, cheese, and salsa.  For dessert I made Ghiradelli’s double chocolate brownies (the remainder of which I made Sean take to work this morning for fear that I would eat them all…because I would).  We opened the bottle of red that I’ve received as a gift at my Bridal shower and ate and ate and ate.  Everyone loved it.

Tonight, I’m making red sauce with hot spicy Italian sausage for pasta.  Yummers.     I have to be saving money with all this eating in, right?  So, I’m going to go to yoga with those savings!   NO, not really.  I’m going to the community class which is half price.  I’m riding my bike, which saves gas and the environment.   See..I’m extraordinary!

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