Real Housewife of Venice Beach


I only iron so that I can watch bravo at the same time.  That’s my excuse for the list of cleaning things I had to do today…well, that and the fact that I wanted to just get some things clean.  I like it when it is clean here for Sean.  Last night he came home and dinner wasn’t ready and I felt kind of funky about it.  I am the only one with the expectation that dinner is ready when Sean gets home.  Sean does not care.  He finds a snack and he waits for me to be done.  To compensate, I made a super delicious dinner.  Check it:

It was Hot Spicy Italian Sausage in a tomato basil marinara sauce from Trader Joe’s.  I served it over curly pasta (not the corkscrew kind though) with a green salad.  Yum!  So, he’s not starving.  Neither am I apparently, since my scale is reading that I’m gaining, not losing pounds.  I look great, don’t get me wrong, I just like to keep it together and make it smaller.  There is no excuse for me not to take care of myself when I am no longer working under the most stressful environment ever.  I had the hardest time losing weight after Christmas because I was coming home from work everyday for a month and going to sleep.  Now that I am free of the stress, I can increase how I take care of myself. I love it and I love Sean for giving me this oppurtunity.

So, my next endeavor of the day is to eat lunch (left overs from dinner!) and plan out our meals for next week.  I think that it will make grocery shopping that much easier.  I love this game.


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