Winding down the summer


I spent the better part of today on the bus running my final set of errands before the new year starts.  I am not teaching (thank goodness) but I am taking classes at the local community college this fall.  It is exciting to have the opportunity to take classes in thing that I have an interest in.  They say that if you do what you love, the money will come.  I don’t think that counts with sleeping or doing yoga or ballet.  I just love movement, I don’t think I could love it as an occupation.  Here is the break down of the courses I’m taking:

CIS 50: This hands-on course provides all the skills necessary to navigate, create and manage content on the World Wide Web. Students will become familiar with the Internet and its underlying technology and security. The course also covers the principles of Web page design, the use of graphics and other media files, and the creation of linked documents. Students will use both HTML and a Web authoring program to create and edit Web pages and will have the opportunity to put their Web sites online by publishing to a Web server.

GrDes 31:This studio course introduces the graphic design process including concept, visualization, documentation, and professional presentation. With an emphasis on visual communication strategies, students will explore the fundamental text and image interaction and develop various types of graphic identity designs including symbolic, pictorial, or typographic. This is the first in a sequence of three courses.

I am also taking ballet and modern dance.  I am very happy to be able to move and sweat and walk and breathe.  My feet hurt because of the walking and the riding of the bus.  I wish that apart of me didn’t not want to go to yoga at 5:30.  My need to want to sleep and laze around are much stronger then wanting to move.  Where is my pillow?


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