CocaCola counterintuitivity


I don’t think that is a word. Its simply a statement regarding the reappearance of soda and white bread in my life. We had a ton of soda left over after the wedding and decided to keep it for the upcoming parties/dinners/festivities. So, since its there is soda…its getting consumed, which totally explains the extra 3 pounds that are sticking around. This is also because I haven’t been dancing like a crazy fool as I usually am. I did take 3 yoga classes this week, and went for a mile walk this morning. I’m not completing letting myself go!

We are slowly trying to rebuild our home. Most of the boxes are unpacked. Most of the things we own are settled in the spot which they will remain until we move into our house. I love this apartment. I really do. I don’t ever want to move. Its so luxurious without me having to take care of things like the gardener, the water heater.

I spend too much time worried about nonsensical things in the future.  I worry about things that I’m pretty sure won’t be an issue if I keep living deliberately. I keep taking yoga classes now that I live up the street from a studio with a ton of classes throughout the day.  One thing that I have taken away from each class is breathing.  It doesn’t just happen in Yoga.  Of course it happens, but you’re supposed to be conscious of your breathing.  You are supposed to be attentive as well as concentrated.  You are supposed to actively channel your energy into the practice.  I think the best thing that I have heard in a long time is that good practice comes from frequent practice. Keep doing it.  Do it even when yesterday was bad and you’re not sure what tomorrow will bring.  Forget yesterday and tomorrow.  Right now, breathe.

I am going to try to remember to do this everyday.  Starting right now, I am going to focus on right now.  Immediately, after I typed that my brain thought, “what about your  goals?”  I guess if I am focusing on the moment right now then I will make sure that every moment supports living a better  day everyday.  You have no idea how stress relieving it is to be focused on right now.  I can’t help but smile.


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