Trial and Error


The lesson I’ve learned this week is to read the label when I buy food.  I am not talking about caloric intake or fat content.  I’m talking  about pure reading the label to make sure that what I am buying is what I want to buy!  Tuesday night I had the awesome plan of making salmon croquettes!  They were going to be so yummy.  Canned salmon mixed with breadcrumbs, spices, onions, and egg pan fried to delicious warm and cripsy heaven.  I was soooo excited.  I was even going to use Maggie’s pan frying method of dusting the oil on one side of the patty, cooking that side, and then putting oil on the other side of the patty and cooking that side.  It uses way less oil.  Boy, let me tell you! I was primed and pumped.  I was really proud that I was finally getting around to using what I thought was two cans of trader joe’s canned wild salmon that I’d had in my cabinet for a few weeks.  Boy, oh boy!


I put the strainer into the sink ready to drain the salmon of its juices.  I open the can, dump the content, and what do I find that I’ve purchased:

Little Pink not salmon.

Battered Shrimp here we come!

I was 10 kinds of shocked…but not discouraged!  I thought, “hey! you’ve seen like 1000 of those Golden Corral commercials where the couple wants a shrimp dinner for four for only 10 dollars…you can make fried shrimp.”  So I gave it a try.  I mixed the shrimp with the onions, the spices, the egg and the breadcrumbs.

Um…..I don’t have a picture of how it turned out, but let’s just say it came out more like fried rice then it did battered shrimp.  I tried to eat it…so gross.  Well, not really so gross, but it had the dry yet moist consistency of cat food.  YUM.  I tossed it.  Luckily Garrett was grilling up chorizo and steak.  Sean skewered some marinated chicken strips (I’dtake n them out to defrost…just in case) and added those to the grill.  We did not starve, but I sure did learn a lesson.

I was not dismayed by this whole battered and fried food thing.  It sounds unhealthy but you know….shut your mouth.  It’s not unhealthy.  I’d baked breaded tilapia the other night (Sunday) and I was not very pleased.  In the name of healthy living, I threw some frozen broccoli into the steamer and steamed those for our side dish.

Steamer at work!

Broccoli steamed to perfection.

So, I defrosted more chicken tenders (we’d bought six punches of them from Costco in bulk because they’re not as dry as chicken breast and not as fatty and difficult as chicken thighs), seasoned them with cayenne pepper, Santa Maria salt, and garlic powder, dredge them through 365 breadcrumbs and brushed a little bit of olive oil on one side before placing them in a heated pan.  When they were ready to turn, I brushed the oil on the other side and fried that side as well!  They came out really golden and delicious!  Maggie’s technique was tre-awesome.

Chicken tenders cooking!


They were so good that I am sure Sean had one of the leftovers for breakfast.  I know this because I had the last two for lunch!

Tonight we’re grilling up hamburgers.  No biggie.  I picked up the beef from Whole Foods.  I also picked up baking potatoes that I am going to cut in to strips and make into fries!  I’ll let you know how it goes!

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