And….we're back!


Sorry, I have just been super busy this last few days.  SMC has started which means my classes are pulling for my attention.  Sean and I are still cooking and we’ve cooked some really yummy things!  The downside of these yummy meals is that I don’t have my phone any longer (I changed from using my blackberry to using a razr to save money) which means my access to a camera is limited.  For some reason the cord for our digital camera is packed up and away so until I fish it out I don’t have any really pictures.

We have been having a ball going back and forth cooking different recipes, as well as trying out the yummy restaurants on Lincoln Blvd.  This past Saturday Sean made a steak that was seasoned with fresh ground season and had a flavor similar to jerk seasoning.  It was maddeningly spicy.  He also made made a cucumber tomato salsa that really contrasted the spice of the meat with a tangy cool flavor of cucumber, red pepper, onion, garlic and  lime juice.  We ate really early so by 8pm we were hungry for  a snack so I whipped up crispy oven baked fries using our toaster oven.  We spent the whole night watching bad movies that had the theme of undercover cop going a little too close to their suspects.  Friday we watched Cruising.   Saturday we watched Cutaway and Drop Zone before going to La Cabana at 1:30 in the morning for burritos.  Sunday we watched Fast and Furious while eating  steak fajitas (though we only had one tortilla a piece), chips and guacamole.  I changed the recipe a bit by not adding lime juice to the marinade.  Sean made a roasted apple salsa with a pepper from the garden, half a red delicious apple, onion, garlic and lime juice.  Seriously good!  We ended Sunday night with a viewing of the ultimate undercover cop getting to close to his suspects movie: Point Break.  Keanu Reeves looks like a baby and Patrick Swayze looks sooo hot. wow.  Monday, Labor Day, was a work day for us.  Sean worked on things for his job while I worked on my portfolio.  I’d marinated chicken tenders in the same type of marinade as the steak, so I chopped it up and made onion, red pepper, green apple and chicken kabobs.  We’re certainly not starving.   Last night we stopped into Whole Foods and apparently they will batter, grill, fry any meat that you buy from them on the spot, no extra charge.  Sean picked up fillets of battered cod and fried them up at home.  I  made more guacamole and we had a salad as well.

Tonight I was planning on making pizza.  I can never figure out what to put on the pizza though.  I just like basil, garlic and tomato.  I can never figure out just what to put on Sean’s half.  Garlic, onion………i think I’ll pick up sausage as well.  Or maybe I’ll make more chicken so that we can have more guacamole (we have left overs).

Recipes for next week:  Potato Gnocci, chicken pot pie, banana bread.  Any other suggestions?


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