hugs and kisses and st. louis


i feel so clear and open and sick.  The clear and open part is good.  the ill part bugs the crap out of me.  I’m sitting here watching The Rachel Zoe Project (I love this show) and drinking mint tea with lemon and honey over ice and talking to Andrea. i love IM.  I hate talking on the phone.  since i am not really doing text messaging and the whole rest of the world is doing its own thing on a different track that its nice to run into her online.  it also lets me watch tv at the same time as well.

it feels so amazing to be this clear and without stress.  visiting sean’s grandparents was tremendous for my state of mind and spirit.  they’re so alive and vibrant and so different from anything or anyone I’ve ever experienced.  i know that through their 32 years they’re must have been ups and downs and such, but really…i am so in love with the end product that is today.

I have to love this life.


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