another night, another dinner


I finally got around to cooking the meals that I planned for last weeks dinners.  I know, I’m a little slow.  I have no idea what caused me to not cook the food.  I think i had an idea that the meals would be disgusting (one involved lettuce wraps) and the other one required specialized equipment to cook.  You now, for all my planning, you’d think that at some time I’d charge the camera battery.  Sorry folks, no pictures today!   I guess its time to pimp my cookbooks (not books I wrote but the books I use).

Boy was I wrong about the taste.  I should have know they’d be delicious.  Yesterday I made lettuce wraps for sean’s mom, sean and myself.  I got the recipe from the book Time for Dinner written by Jen of my favorite blog, Dinner: a Love Story.  You have to go to her blog and read the about section to find out about how she came to be such an awesome collector/writer/maker of recipes.  I salivate over blog entries which are primarily about the awesome foods she cooks her family.  I should have known that the Sweet Pork Hand Wraps recipe on page 77 ( made with ground turkey instead of pork) would be delicious, especially since kids eat it.  This recipe books is written by the editors of Cookie Magazine, which was apparently targeted towards parents and working moms.  I am not either, but these people are geniuses. I’m sure you can find a similar recipe to these hand rolls on line, but I think you should buy the cookbook.

Tonight, I used my Cook’s Illustrated The New Best Recipe cookbook recipe for scalloped potatoes. So YUMMY!  I love the New Best Recipe cookbook because they’ve tested all kinds of classic recipes and worked the kinks out of them so that they turn out deliciously!  I had to buy a mandolin in order to cut the potatoes.  There is no way I could have gotten uniformed thickness to 2 1/2 lbs of potatoes, especially 1/8th of a inch.  I used half and half instead of heavy cream.  Next time, I will be using my  mothers method of sprinkling the cheddar cheese throughout the layers of the scalloped potatoes instead of just using it as a topping. SOOOOO GOOD.  We had pork chops and salad as well.  The potatoes were the best.  Do yourself a favor and get this cookbook as well.

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