tuesday, tuesday


I realized something a few weeks ago:  I love Costco hot dogs.  They’re just Hebrew national hot dogs, but because we only get them when we go to Costco, I think of them as Costco dogs. I think know it has everything to do with the condiments…especially the spicy mustard.  Goodness.  Life is so much better with a dollop of spicy mustard. A few weeks ago we made a trip to costco to actually buy things and get lunch. we got lunch, but then realized we’d forgot our Costco card…so we went to albertson’s (which was perfectly fine). Long story short: lunch date at Costco=cheap and awesome.

I don’t usually buy mustard more then once a year because I use it so infrequently, but  a few weeks ago I picked up a bottle of spicy brown mustard and lunch meat to make cheap sandwiches on whole wheat bread for a healthy alternative to the taco stand, the fish and chips place (I love fish and chips…and there are two places that sell them within reasonable walking distance) and the two Mexican restaurants around the corner from me. Don’t even get me started on George’s, which is the most delicious diner food this side of Sepulveda (the S&W is the best on the other side).  Making my sandwich today made me remember how many times I’ve eaten a sour lunch meat sandwich in my life (when I was a kid).  I didn’t know any better and didn’t want to be wasteful and often felt that there were no other options (so much food, so little inclination to cook!) when I was growing up.  Totally grosses me out to think of that, but now that I can a)throw food away if i want and b)can discern the difference between fresh lunch meat and lunch meat that is just a little past its prime, –on and c) use spicy mustard, I am safely eating fresh sandwiches.  Just so you know!

This Tuesday feels different from other Tuesdays.  I am just more awake and centered.  I have errands I need to run even though its a bit rainy.  Not too rainy but certainly rainy enough to throw off the good people at the wheel of public transportation. I’ve got errands to run and phone calls to make and I actually feel the kick in the pants to do these things.  Yesterday, I felt the kick in the pants to skip class and sleep on my couch.  I took advantage of this kick and worked out with my Tracy Anderson video (arms=thrashed) and I will go to ballet (legs=thrashed) later tonight.  Pleasant….centered….nice.  I like this.


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