My kingdom for a salmon


Today turned out to be delightfully productive!  I managed to climb back into bed and listen to NPR an hour before Sean had to leave for the day.  After he was awake I finally got some sleep!  Later in the afternoon I rode my bike to the Abbot Kinney Library.  Um, biking around Venice is akin to riding public transportation in that you never know when you’re going to be yelled out by a homeless person.  🙂 I ended up checking out Cleaving by Julie Powell and some other books to fill my time.  Books really weigh down a girl’s bike.  The books and the chocolate cake I decided to eat for lunch definitely weighed down my ability to bike home without notice a bit of drag in my pedal.  I managed to muster the nerve energy to try Tracy Anderson’s Post Pregnancy work out video.  No.  I’m not pregnant.  I don’t plan on being pregnant for a long time…but I do tend to skip the abs section of her other video (mat method) so since this one is so abs centered, and my dance teacher has decided that I need to focus on my abs so she is going to focus on my abs during class, well….its probably best that I start to develop some abdominal muscles.  Ugh.  I’m not quitting…i’m just sayin.

Salmon with Lemonade reduction

Salmon with lemonade reduction on a bed of spinach with buttered red potatoes.

That was just my day…this is the reason I am really here. I MADE THE BEST SALMON DISH FOR DINNER! I’ve never had anything like it!  It was so ridiculously simple.  Yes, the recipe was from the Time for Dinner book.  Its called “Lemon box salmon” though really, its salmon roasted in lemonade (1 lb of salmon fillets settled, skin down, into 8oz of lemonade and roasted).  Simple right.  Well, here is the delicious part:  after the fish is cooked, put it on a plate and pour the lemonade into a saucepan and boil it down to a LEMONADE REDUCTION.  I have never tasted anything so gooooooooooood.  Holy crap.  I used Paul Newman’s Vigin Lemonade instead of a juice box of lemonade.  I boiled and buttered halved red potatoes and ate my salmon on a bed of spinach.  Le Sigh.  I am awesome.  To celebrate my awesomeness, I am going to eat the cupcake Sean brought home for me.  So much for a little less wheat, huh?!  Cake is my kryptonite.



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