Credentialling Celebration: Homemade Pizzas


Two  years ago I started the credentialing process for my professional level credential.  My current teaching credential will expire in June ’11 and at the time I was being fairly proactive.  Ideally, I would have completed this portfolio in the fall of ’09 since the program was a 12 month program.    Yeah…um…that totally didn’t happen.  Nothing about the 2009-2010 school year was conducive to gathering enough energy to be productive at work and away from work.  Most evenings I’d come home and curl up in bed until Sean returned from work. I’m surprised I got engaged last year.  It as a miserable year that was both emotionally draining and physically tiring.  As usual, the kiddos were the brightest part of each day.  Granted, the darkness of each day varied, but still, they were they brightest part.  (I miss them a lot!  One of my favorites found out that she got into a CalState!!!)  I walked away at the end of it all swearing that I was never going to do that again.  And I’m not. However, I walked way knowing that I’d started a process and paid for that process so I’d better finish it.  Well, I finally have!  I am 100% done with the required portfolio  cumulative component   of my credentialing program.   1 3-inch binder, 2 packages of dividers, 4 ink cartridges, and 175 sheet protectors have resulted in a portfolio that I feel is an accurate representation of my growth as a teacher since September 2008.  When I met with my advisor in September I gave her the hard deadline of Thanksgiving.  I am actually quite surprised and happy that I actually made that deadline.  I am currently awaiting a reply email informing me of when and where I can submit this sucker!

To celebrate I planned a little post Thanksgiving pot luck and invited our close friends and family to come over and share in the awesomeness that is being stress free.  LC and Valentine came over early and put up the remainder of our beautiful art collection!  Sean bought a baguette, deli sliced salami, sharp cheddar and a roasted chicken.  I purchased two bottles of sparkling moscato, pomegranate juice, tonic and ginger ale (in my opinion, Wholefood’s brand are much more palatable then other brands of tonic or ginger ale) for alcoholic and non alcoholic spritzers.  I also made pizza…from scratch!  YEP I did!  I made the dough and the sauce.  I don’t know how to make mozzarella cheese but I think if I did, I probably would have.  Pizza is too easy to make and it tastes so much better then delivered pizza!  Its also way cheaper then Wholefoods or Trader Joe’s pizza dough and sauce.  I’ve made my own pasta sauce before, so I was sure that I could make pizza dough.  Honestly, with the Best New Recipe’s cookbook, I have confidence that I can make anything.  I used their pizza dough recipe as well as their quick pizza sauce recipe (here’s the secret:  blend two cans of italian spiced diced tomatoes in the blender or food processor until smooth; heat on the stove until the water reduces and the sauce thickens.  DONE!)

This is an approximation of the recipe for the Dough can be found here in the archives of  Using bread flour makes all the difference in how your dough comes out!

Because we had varying dietary needs, I made three pizzas.  Veggie and Meat Pizzas

One pizza was for the guys:  sliced italian sausage, onion and garlic. The second pizza was for the girls:  spinach and sliced fresh tomato with onions and garlic. Pizza number three was just a collection of the left over ingredients: half cheese and half tomato with onion and garlic.   We only have one circular pizza tray, so I stretched the dough for two of the pizzas into rectangles on parchment paper and cooked them on a cookie sheet.   Pizza is still pizza no matter what shape it is.  They were a hit!

I am so glad to have that part of my brain free again.  Aside from homework and my general interests, I have nothing that is pulling at my and saying “You really should be working on x.”  For that, I am extremely thankful.


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