Our First Hannukkah: Apple Latkes, Gouda Vicente, Bisque and Chicken


A picture of Our first Hannakuh Dinner:  Gouda Vicente, Apple Latkes, Crab & Corn Bisque, and Breaded Chicken Cutlet

Gouda Vicente, Apple Latkes, Crab & Corn Bisque, and Breaded Chicken Cutlet

Tonight is the first night of Hanukkah!  I’ve been kind of pumped about this since before Thanksgiving.  Its kind of a big deal for me because this is when I make my thanksgiving meal!  Sean and I are not only celebrating the miracle of lights, but we’re also making a point to give thanks each day for the blessings in our life.   We also plan on celebrating Kwanzaa.  I like the holiday season and there is plenty of room to celebrate the cultural traditions that make us …us. As you can tell, a big part of “us” is food.  Or at least a big part of me.  Sean just gets to go along for the delicious ride.

I’ve been scouring the Internet for delicious recipes to cook that were pretty different from the day-to-day dinner options.  To the rescue came Smitten Kitchen (once again!) and an awesomely delicious recipe for Apple Latkes.  Its supposed to be a dessert food, but I love the idea of fruit with dinner.  It adds a punch and a lightness to any meal.  Instead of caramels sauce, I topped the latkes with sliced Gouda Vicente (in commemoration of the Jewish heroine Judith).    The latkes took the longest to cook because I had to grate each apple using our cheese grater.  Goodness….my kingdom for a 9 or 12 cup food processor with a grating blade.  It didn’t take forever, but since I have a half grater (1/3 grater, a slicer, 1/3 shredder) it took a bit of bicep strength to grate the four apple halves.

The soup is left over soup from Sunday’s dinner.  I froze the left over soup in the 6 cup muffin tin so that I could have individual sized servings.  I heated up three of the servings.  I love, love, love the world of storing food for later.  I need to look more soups so that I can indulge my need to be lazy and full.  My immersion blender arrived from Amazon yesterday, so soups have a prominent place in my future.

The chicken is just chicken cutlets breaded in whole wheat bread crumbs that were mixed with olive oil and thyme.   Everything turned out really well.  Now, I just have to finish planning the meals for the rest of the week.  I think either Thursday or Friday I’ll take the bus down to Washington Boulevard and see if I can pick up some soofganiyot  doughnuts.  I would make them, but I don’t like fruit or jelly filled doughnuts, so I would rather not put in the effort.  The Latkes and the soofganiyot are pretty Ashkenazic, so I think I will try to make some Sephardic recipes Saturday or Sunday.    Sean just put in a request for doughnuts…so, its a good thing I found a recipe.  I will definitely be making this recipe for Shakshuka.  It looks awesome.

Happy Hanukkah!  And let’s not forget that its the first day of Advent!  I think tomorrow I will find a calendar or something.  I think this might be the perfect time to find a church in the neighborhood.  I’ve been thinking about mass all week.  I guess Christmas will do that to you.  If you have any good Christmas recipes- that don’t involve turkey- or Kwanzaa recipes, send them my way.


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