Sewing Project: Organized Bedpocket


As the holiday season kicked up in to full swing, I’ve been busy crafting and preparing for Christmas festivities.  You should see my planner: each day has a long list of things that I needed to complete in order to feel prepared for Christmas Eve.  However, I didn’t want to go too long without sharing with you my latest sewing project:  the Organized Bed Pocket from the One Yard Wonders book.

Organized Bed Pocket with book

Organized Bed Pocket with book

I really liked the idea of this bed pocket because we are very low on space in our little place.  Also, Sean needed some place to put his books and iPad at the of the night.  It was a good opportunity to continue to practice sewing straight lines and attaching bias tape.   This project definitely went much smoother then the oven mitts, that are slowly unraveling  (this is the last time I’ll use nylon!) I did way better  sewing the bias tape on neatly and making sure to have both  pieces of fabric affixed between the bias tape evenly in most places.  There was a spot where one piece of fabric didn’t quite get sewn beneath the bias tape that I didn’t notice until I’d finished sewing down that entire section.  Instead of redoing the entire bias (that would require removing all of the seams) I simply sewed shut the small area.  I can live with it not being perfect as long as its functional.

Close Up on Organized Bed Pocket

Close up on pocket and rubberized backing

The pattern calls for rubberized backing, like the type used on the bottom of children’s pajama feet or the rubberized material used to line drawers, to create traction between the fabric and the underside of the bed.  Unfortunately, it did not make enough traction to keep in place between our mattress and box spring so I’ve got to find some way to secure it so that it is functional.  We’ll see what I can come up with.


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