Happy New Year!


I’m not late.  You just weren’t there for the insane amount of partying that took place the last week of December and into the first few days of the new year.  I don’t have a new year’s resolution that includes some sort of crazy diet.  I have a goal to get back to eating the way we did before Christmas.  and yesterday…cuz two slices of pizza on top of a day of chocolate goodies and a breakfast a single serving of spaghetti and 1 turkey meatball was not the healthiest of choices.

Now that it is January 4th I really have no choice but to get back on track!  woo!  I have a January goal.  That’s about as much as I can handle.  Really, day to day is about as much as I can handle.   I always end up forgetting to do what ever it is that I set up to do…so,  I just want to go day to day.  I am building up to 21 days.  Elana says that is how long it takes to make a habit.  Eye roll.

My goal is to go to dance twice a week and yoga once a week.  I am not taking classes at SMC during the month of January so its actually a push to get me off my couch and into some sort of movement. I can actually feel my butt turning to mush.  I went to two consecutive dance classes last Wednesday and it practically killed me.  Hyperbole yes, but the pain and strain i developed in my back when I bent over to put on lotion after my shower that night was insane. I spent the rest of the week heating and icing my back.  SERIOUSLY!  Wednesday night after I hurt myself putting on lotion, I didn’t feel like I could stand up straight so Sean put me to bed and put a hot compress on my back.  Thursday when we were walking home from the store my muscles seized up and I spent the day laying on the floor  covered in a blanket, sleeping and reading Jane Eyre.  I’m fine now.  I didn’t let a little back pain keep me from PARTYING IT UP on NYE and the night after and Sunday night and staying up late last night (in decreasing levels of intensity).  It flares up now and again.  Here is a rundown of my holiday partying.

christmase eve 2010


lc and me bowling

nye 2010

This is me, watching NCIS, completely amazed that it is only 9:17am…WTF.  I’m off to plan our meals for the month.  Goal 2: Vegetables in our meals.


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