Its Still Burning


“When the food that you cook causes you pain it can no longer be called comfort food.”- My husband

my burnt hand

my burnt hand

Our Meal: chicken, salad, and potatoes

Our Meal: chicken, salad, and potatoes

I burned my palm in the final lap of finally attempting Smitten Kitchen’s legendary Zuni Cafe Roasted Chicken.  The recipe calls for cooking the chicken in a pan just larger then the chicken.  I used our 10″ stainless steel frying pan, which can be put in the oven up up to 550 degrees (the glass  lid can be placed in the oven up to 350 degrees).  Well, after I moved the pan to the stove from the oven,  I had the tongs in one had and went to stabilize the pan by grabbing the handle…with my bare hand.  This was not one of those I didn’t realize it hurt til I saw it moments.  IT HURT IMMEDIATELY.  I put the pan down, screamed and ran to the sink and yelled for Sean to turn on the water (the cold water!) and soaked my hand until the other fingers went numb, armed up my finger and then put my hand back under the water…cuz it felt like my hand was on fire in the shape of the pan handle.  Its still burning.  I do this for you.  I do this for you.

Actually I do this for Sean.  And for me.  Its one of the meals I planned for this month.  I have to tell you…this recipe is worth the work.  Its not really work beyond roasting, watching, flipping, roasting, resting.

Roasting Chicken 2

In the process of roasting: Flip 2

Changes I made to the recipe:

1.  I cut up my chicken prior to cooking.  I didn’t cut it up into individual pieces, but I did remove the wings and freeze them with the neck and as much of the back as I could remove so that Sean can use them to make chicken stock.

2. I did nothing with the drippings  thanks to my injured hand.  which, suddenly

feels hotter.  Boy, oh boy, am I never doing that again.

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