21 day challenge: Yoga


Yoga Journal is a magazine that I subscribed to because I had 10 bucks left on an Amazon Gift Certificate this past august.  I am really glad that I did that!  For years I’ve been trying to make yoga apart of my life and slowly but surely its found a place.  My goal for the month of January was to do go to yoga once a week and to dance twice a week.  So far, I’ve gone to yoga once and dance one.  The emphasis for me is the going part- getting me out of my house  and making a practice of being in th studio. However, this new found focus on yoga has inspired me to give it a try at home as well.

Yoga Journal is doing a 21 day challenge. They’re supposed to email me a new video every day for 21 days, each ranging from 15-45 minutes long in order to help incorporate yoga into my everyday.  They say that it takes 21 times of doing something to make it a habit.   I got my first email yesterday and made sure to do it right away!!   Last night I even made sure to set my alarm for 45 minutes before Sean’s so that I could have the time by myself to start my day with my yoga practice.  I am really glad that I did that! I didn’t recieve my second email, but I did go online and found it myself. It was  a really relaxing but still physically challenging routine.  I am slowly realizing that it isn’t the flow, but holding the moves in correct position that builds a challenge for me.  I can get the shape, but my muscles are energized when trying to hold the posture (hips square, knee pulling back….).  I am growing and learning everyday.


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