Rainy Day Saturday


today is one of those notoriously rainy days in Southern California that warrant predictions of thunderstorms and endless flash flood warnings. Please note that Southern California is HUGE. I will never understand for the life of me why a region that was built in a desert would not have the infrastructure to handle the amount of rain we are getting right now. Seriously. The depths of the puddles are quite ridiculous and possibly dangerous. Don’t get me started on the Whole Foods parking lot. Its raining cats and dogs, and that parking lot is filled! I was going to stop by and do the shopping that I’ve been putting off all week. I didn’t even circle the lot. I went past one aisle and up another and then left. This all reminds me too much of where I grew up. Bleh.

Here is the upside: Yoga’s done (awesome!!). I have my homework, I have my husband. We ordered a pizza. Lifetime has this kick ass movie called “Glass House: The Good Wife” and a rerun of this week’s 30 Rock (its hilarious how much I am like Liz Lemon, except I’m married). Oh! And I have my new library book, Room by Emma Donaghue. 2 slices of pizza and some salad are on the horizon for me. Let’s see how much homework I get done when the hubby heads out for his deejaying gig.



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  1. Tell me what you think of “Room” when you’re finished! I’ve heard all kinds of great things about it, but I usually don’t do so well with books (written for adults) that have child narrators…

  2. I finished it in one day. I thought it was good enough to suspend my frustration towards children and their annoying tendency of being children and acting age appropriately. It was written well enough to not cloud events with a child’s confusion about what the hell adults are doing. He clearly reports what he sees and hears in the narrative though he may not understand. You the adult still get it. She drops in lines that make you remember he’s a kid and this is his perspective, but he’s not your average kid.

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