huddle: balancing the madness (i.e. a normal person's life)


its not really madness, but I have been really unbalanced lately. Since school started I’ve turned my life over to yoga and school. My home has been completely neglected. I woke up and stepped out into my living room which is half covered in clothes and the other half covered in school books. These last three days I have been skipping yoga to spend time with sean, my friends from work, and my best friend from seattle (who lives here now! woot!)- making up for the imbalance I occasionally create in being with loved ones. Over cheerios this morning I decided that I need to get back to focus, but this time with balance. I need to add the variables of school, yoga, and friends to the variable of keeping this home. I want to see what it looks like when you commit to things evenly. I am committing to my health (yoga, sparkpeople), my future (school, therapy, hubby) and my life (keeping house, seeing my friends). I don’t think I’ve ever committed to so much. I usually choose one thing and do that one thing 110%.

The additional variables add a touch of “what do I do next” to make this happen. I feel like it requires structure. Structure and I can easily turn into enemies as I become overwhelmed and beat myself up for not sticking to the structure. I think this is where the yoga and meditation will help. I think I may have to be a morning person. If I can move it to the morning, then I can tackle everything else in my day with a clear head and heart. Done. That’s my plan.

Another element in maintaining my sanity is taking challenges one at a time. First challenge: see what it looks like when I commit to meditating (goodness) and doing yoga in the morning. The rest will have to fall into place as time opens up in my day.

Ready, Break!


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