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aum painted on linen

I thought I’d blog while I still had it in me.  I am prioritizing things that I enjoy, which  means when I am moved to blog, I blog.   Tonight is the Impact Personal Safety fundraiser!  Sean and I will be going before hand to help with set up!!   IPS was definitely something I liked, so I am prioritizing it.  Its such a beautifully sunny day.  My body is aching to do yoga (to sweat) and  to do some of the tennise ball massage techniques and reflexology work my pilates teacher taught us (to get some self care).  I almost want to stop typing and get started!

Sean  is staying home today. However,  I am going to stick to my plan instead of sticking around and hanging out. Yoga, reflexology, shower, writing.  Studying can wait until tomorrow!  I am definitely taking this outside!

Work update:  I went in for my first day of on site training yesterday.  Children are much more “interesting” then teenagers.  It will be a relief to have them three at a time/hour.  I’m scheduled for four hours next week, but at least that’s something.  I can pick up hours as I learn the program more.  I’m just excited to be working.  It opens up a part of my brain that was reserved for worrying and now I can think about other things: family, yoga, writing…the best stuff.

Image: ‘Aum


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    • the best thing about yoga is that you can start at where you are and you’ll get to wherever you need to be when you get there. You should totally give it a try! Thanks for being on my journey with me. I figure the more passengers I have, the more likely someone can call me on my b.s.

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