Sunday Secrets



I like sharing secrets.  Sometimes I do them as Facebook status updates.  Tonight I’d rather share them here.  Its more enduring this way.  Let’s begin.

1). Today, I showed up at couple’s counseling wearing the exact same dress as our therapist.

2).  There was a time when I would talk to people and they would sound like stereo white noise.  Or at least that’s how I remember it.

3). I obssesively think about working out on the weekend, but don’t because I don’t like doing things that require me to wear shoes.

4). I don’t miss ballet.  Its like we’ve ended a bad relationship where in I never felt  good enough.  Irony of all irony, not a class would go by without a reminder that we are all where we need to be and that we shouldn’t try to compete with others.  Its easier for me to actually believe this on my yoga mat.

5).  I am  paralyzed by the thought of going to the church down the street.  I think it would require me to actually meet new people.  I think I may be more scared of not being a part of the community.  These fears are diametrically opposed.  I do sit ups on Sunday while I wait for Sean to wake up so that we can go to couples.

6). I like sean more everyday.





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