Carnival Paradise*I did not take this picture, though I did watch a similar sunset.

Sean and  I went on a mini-working vacation with is job from Friday to Monday.  His work took the entire office – actually offices, there are three around the world-on a 3day Cruise to Ensenada, Mexico.  Talk about a treat.  The only thing we had to pay for was our excursion, alcohol, soda and extra goodies.  It was a very nice experience that I really only want to have again on someone else’s dime.  I’ve been holed up at home all day, emptying my stomach and watching the last episodes of Oprah. This is not because of the food or water in Mexico (the water in Ensenada is bottled …ALL OF IT).  It is definitely because of the food on the cruise. To give  you a little perspective, there are only three restaurants in Los Angeles that I enjoy: Sakura, Mr. Cecil’s California Ribs, and S&W Country Diner.  The rest I find mediocre and honestly believe that with a little practice I can make most anything I can eat at a restaurant.  The food on the cruise was like 20 times worst then anything I could find in Los Angeles.  Even the high brow food in the dining rooms only received a grade of C-.  My last meal was a BLT and veggie sticks with Ginger Ale.  My stomach has hated me all day.  I am sorry tummy…I am sorry.

The  highlights of the cruise:

1) the wait staff in the Elation Lounge danced to two songs each night.  We were eating our first dinner in the dining room together and all of a sudden Pit Bull’s “Calle Ocho (I know you want me)” was blaring from the speakers and the wait staff was dancing and twirling napkins over their heads.  I still don’t get it.  The second song was Flo-Rida’s “Get Low” which Sean tried to get me to dance to. I was mortified and danced a little, but mostly sat back down.  On the second night the more “randy” of his collegues joined in on the dancing, especially when the wait staff danced to “Jai ho”.

2) the La Bufadora tour was pretty nice.  We rode up in a charter bus and listened to the tour guide.  The La Bufadora was pretty unimpressive (apparently, its the most beautiful on the days when the weather is the absolute worst) but since there are only three in the world I’m glad that we went.  I also got a very pretty silver necklace from a reputable dealer who is backed by the cruise line and recommended by our tour guide.  We ended up going to a restaurant beause Sean’s coworker’s fiancee wanted oysters.  We wanted tacos and churros so those were kind of procured after the oysters (sean got churros, I got a nice necklace, and we forgot were the great taco place was so we skipped tacos).

3) enjoying pina coladas in the sun from the top deck on the day at sea was pretty nice as well.

Drawbacks (which will get the smallest mention)

1) the food

2) the cold cabins—GOODNESS GRACIOUS!

3) the ship vibrating like an earthquake each evening. FRIGHTENING.

4) for some reason, I was overwhelmingly fatigued each night starting at 8.  what is up with that!?

It was an-and slightly stressful- experiment in life sans technology for Sean and I.  I left my cellphone at home, and the international charges for texting and calls from Sean’s cellphone would have been astronomical, so we used it only as an alarm clock. This definitely cause difficulty on the last day when we couldn’t track each other down and spent an hour or more walking around looking for the other.  However, I do feel quite good about some decisions I have decided to make that I think will help me with my clarity and writing.  I am “unplugging” from Facebook for a while.  I am also going to watch less TV (which I don’t watch much of anyway) in order to read a lot more.  Both will help clear my head and focus in on my inner voice and less on the compounding sounds of everyone else.  I think it will also push me to have more experiences with people instead of experiencing people via 200 character headlines.  This “unplugging” does not include blogs.  Some of the best writers I’ve read in a while have blogs (you know who you are are) and they’re really helpful in developing my skill.  We’ll see how this goes.

Image: ‘DSC02211


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    • ha! hilarious! Sean and I both said something similar when we got on the company bus taking us away from the pier. Apart of me believes that luxury cruises MUST be better. This was seriously a matter of “you get what you pay for” which was very little.

    • Its just me. everyone else looked like they were having a GREAT time! It is like vegas, on a boat (minus the amazing buffet at Cesar’s Palace).

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