Practice, Practice


I’ve been doing a  lot of reading and writing of late.  I joined a writing class and I absolutely love it.  Its like yoga: the more I show up for the practice, the more reward I reap.  It may not be a ton of reward, but every word on the paper and every breath and stretch moves me forward and further away from fear.

I’ve become a little obsessed with the process.  I’ve purchased at least six books on writing and I am reading every book I can get my hand on to dissect style and structure.  At the end of July we are getting rid of ourcable- which we barely watch- and I am gong to dive head first into the rest of the library books that I have on reserve.  Usually I  would get a little forlorn about the idea of losing my cable (I will miss you Mob  Wives, oh I will miss you!) but this time its seems okay.  Maybe because we now live in the future!!  Thank God for the internet.

I am supposed to practice not giving in to the wavering bits of fatigue I feel from time to time.  For most of the weekend my head felt like it was being cracked open like a watermelon so I’ll take that as a good reason for why I didn’t do much besides see Denise and hangout with Sean. (this is usually a sign that I haven’t had enough water or that I’m hungry).  It is a practice for me to remove myself from my home.  Denise being in an immobile state (she is in a cast) has really been the best catalyst to getting me out of my comfort zone/off my couch and out experiencing others.  My writing class has also been good for that as well.  It’s so nice having positive experiences with experiencing new people.  It is just slightly more positive than sleeping.  🙂


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