'Free jumbled type texture for layers'

Today is the day when I am supposed  to be getting things done.  I have little mini homework assignments for every part of my life:

  1. My therapist has suggested I stop taking such long naps (fatigue is how my body responds when I’m hungry or I don’t get enough sleep at night) and to journal about my anger (the anger that has faded because I have so much to do and part of that is not dwelling on my anger!)  I suppose I should give that a try today because 1)I am a little tired after working and 2) I see her tomorrow.
  2. I have three writing exerts to read and an email to send to my writing partner and coach.
  3. I really should clean the bathroom and finish the laundry.
  4. I need to eat lunch.  I am just a bit tired.
  5. I could go grocery shopping.
  6. I went to yoga yesterday and don’t have any other time to go to yoga during the rest of the week, so I’ll sneak in a class tonight.
  7. I should plan dinner for sean.
  8. I want to write, therefore I should write.
Here is how today is going to play out.  I will get number 2,4,6, 7 ,8 done today.  And that’s all.  I will throw in a load of laundry because its on the floor and why not.  Other then that I will not do the rest.  I’ll squeeze them in on Sunday.
I am trying to achieve balance by making sure all the things I need to do and that I want to do get done.  Now that I am working, I am also trying to balance out my head and not spend my whole paycheck on writing classes or yoga passes!  I’m signed up for three!   Actually, I’m signed up for two events that happen in the same weekend and a multiweek class that occurs during August.  I really do love this writing process and this writing group.
I just purchased 10 more yoga classes at SMY.  I know one would think it would be more economical to do yoga at a gym, but there is a big difference from what I’ve experienced in a gym and what I am experience at SMY.  These people seem to breathe and eat yoga and it shows in every single class taught.   We’re not just flowing through the  motions, w’ere learning to concentrate on our muscles and focus on our breathing.  I’ve had a similar experience at Exhale, but I’ve never experienced the connection to my body or the growth that I have made the way I do from the beginning to the end  of one class at SMY.
I was walking through the Gap today and then stopped over at Express and I managed to leave both stores without purchasing anything.  I love that I don’t have the need to fill my life with ugly clothes (the Gap is definitely going through an ugly phases again) or a ton of makeup to make me feel better.  I can’t think of where all that money I used to make went.  I certainly wasn’t saving it.  Saving it didn’t make me feel better.  I am glad that right now I don’t need to feel that much better.  I am also glad that they’re filling my week with hours at work!!  I’ll start saving that and maybe not take that 4th writing class!!

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