open water droplet

stop. Just for a second.  take a breath through your nose and just focus on the sensation of air coming through your nostrils. breathe out.  do it again.  do you feel any different then the way you did before I told you to stop?  I swear, I just did this exercise, and it felt like the frustration I had just been choking on simply dissolved in my throat.  I was in a yoga class three weeks ago and the instructor told us to focus on the sensation of the inhalation through our nose.  Its a cool air.    It has a calming affect.  We had been in the middle of doing something complex, like standing up straight.  I can’t really remember.  I just remember the sensation of drama and heat from the action and then I remember him telling us to focus on our breath, and suddenly it seemed just a little bit easier.  Breathing is the hardest part for me- in yoga, in life, in general.

Apparently diaphragmatic breathing helps to break us out of our fight or flight mind and soothes our nerves. This is what they told us to do in my self defense class, so it makes sense that it has that kind of affect on our brain.  Tonight is really the only time I have remembered to try breathing as a way open myself up and loosen the grip that anxiety can have on me.  I am not meditating.  I am just breathing.

Life has been swinging upward, which has been fascinating to notice.  So often the downward swing seems to get the most attention, but I am attempting to notice when it swings upward beyond the line of status quo.  Doing makes me remember how loved I am and how much I love.

Image: ‘hidden colors



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