Image: 'Ruta Nacional 3 - Argentina'

Its 6am…do you know where your yoga instructor is?    I do not, though at 6:30 the Ashtanga Mysore class begins.   Cali, my beautiful girl, started meowing at 5:10am and well, that woke me up and awake I shall stay until I do something to make me fall back to sleep.  She is now curled up next to me, watching with her big yellow eyes as I type.  She is waiting so patiently for me to give her love.  Moments like these add to my procrastination and abilty to get up.  Which is fine…becuase its 6am.

I am having one of those internal dilemmas about how to best approach my time and my money, my writing and my waist.  I am contemplating signing up for an automatically renewed monthly membership to my yoga studio.  Its cheaper then the 10 class pass I buy and I would have access to as many classes as I want.  There are mitigating circumstances (usage, distance,) and whether these things will change as external (work schedule- from more to less-, changing neighborhoods, oral surgery) and internal (motivation, recognition of a sporadic preoccupation with my waist line) factors apply.   Luckily, I have awareness, options and time.

Last night I had quite the time in Iyengar.  It was difficult in away that was different from its usual dramatic “I think I am going to die” kind of way.  I bring that drama to it. Or at least I did.  Last night’s session was both difficult and restorative. The whole practice is restorative and therapeutic; it just causes me to sweat dickens on occasion and last night I realized that it is really starting to challenge my mind.  I definitely let my ego and fear of hurting my neck during my headstand degrade the quality of my head stand.I kept thinking of this YJ article I read about headstands instead of being present and focusing on my strength and breathing.  There were definitely moments of slipping from the room but also moments of genuinely letting go and feeling my body slip deeper into poses that really required me to let everything go.    The quandary is remembering that this is as good for my body as a flow class.  Calories burned maybe considerably less, but its definitely challenging my mind in addition to my body.

Image: ‘Ruta Nacional 3 – Argentina


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