Testing, testing


Moving day is not yet here and I am hardly lamenting the change.  I am not the biggest fan of change.  It makes me lose my breath and get dizzy.  This actually happened yesterday while we stood in the housewares section of Ross looking for storage containers for our cereal.  Yeah.  Whackness.  Last night I took an off the head inventory of all of our items and then created an action list for each action.  I then made a backwards timeline from when the movers get here to tonight in order to figure out what I need to do.  Needless to say, my home now looks like a tornado blew threw it and somethings have been accomplished ahead of time while other things have been moved down the list. Sorry dishes, you’re not getting packed tonight.  My real goal was to be able to get as many things over there as possible this week, bring back the crates and avoid having boxes to unpack as well as boxes to purchase.  If we can simply reuse the same crates we have by making moving a process instead of an event, then we’ll be much better for the ware.  This is definitely a test to my nerves and resolve.  I pick up the keys tomorrow at three and I plan to have a trunk filled with items that, well, don’t need to be unpacked.  Winter blankets (it does get cold in LA and old buildings are not the best for heating), sweaters, coats, dresses, dress shirts, shoes…all things that we do not need to wear this week.  I think.  We’ll survive.

The best part of moving is shedding your winter coat.  I threw away all of my old teaching paper work, not at all closing a door to the past.  I’m simply ridding myself of paperwork that had been stored in filing cabinets year after year anyways.  Sean is shredding financial paperwork. I took out both shredders, in case the inevitable happened and one over heated.   A pile of items to be donated is growing near the door and later I will go on Amazon to see for how much I can sell three or four old textbooks.  Even cents on the dollar make the printer ink worth it.  I love you Amazon.

Things we will not part with: ballet clothes (a small part of me yearns to dance) and the martial arts stuff Sean collected (his own ballet).  More savings = more money = more savings.  We don’t plan on spending more, we just like that the wiggle room of more money will create enough breathing room to figure out how to use our spending money in all the ways that bring us pleasure.  Our hobbies are not cheap.

The move will be completed by mid-day Saturday.  The movers are arriving at 7 am so that we can all avoid midday August sun.  Cleaners are scheduled to come out on the 15th though I will tackle as much as I can and leave the major stuff for them.  Or not.

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