Grand Re-Opening

black ruffles pinned to be sewed

Ruffles and pleats are the hardest, yet the most satisfying part of life.


August was such a crazy month.  By crazy, I mean completely full of new experiences and requirements that I really didn’t have time to write much here. I’ve been thinking about it a lot but I’ve really been into my other projects.  Here they hare in sequential order.  Well, in as much sequence I can manage.

August 1st: purchased a monthly unlimited yoga pass

I wanted to see how this would work and how often I would use it if I could take as many classes as I wanted.  UM….so, August was totally the worst month to do this.  Every time I wanted to take a class I had to be doing something else like cleaning or moving or unpacking or working. Goodness.  I’m going to review my calendar and the calendar of classes at the local studios around here (yoga and dance) to create a schedule that is balanced financially and physically.  The fibers in my muscles and skin are longing for stretching, meditating, sweating and movement.

August 6-8th moved into our new place

As I stated in a mass email I sent to friends about our address change, “There is a leaning tower of bookcase that I have in the northern most corner of our room. One thing about hardwood floors, or I guess floors in general, is that they slope as they age.  I am only making a guess about why everything in that entire corner leans to the right.  However, we’re not moving the bookcase.  It gives the room good feng shui.   We love the new place.  Its 50 square feet bigger, significantly cheaper, and has more built in storage space then any of the apartments I’ve had since I lived with my parents.”

August 8th: one year anniversary

I love Sean so much and everyday he loves me more and more (he told this to his grandmother, who told me!), so its completely okay that for our anniversary we both knocked out at 9:45pm and didn’t wake up until August 9th.  LESSON:  don’t move on your anniversary.  Now that we are more settled in we are celebrating our anniversary whenever the moment moves us to.

August 7th-September 11 (minus september 4th): Young Adult Fiction 

I’ve been taking this amazing young adult fiction writing class every Sunday this month at Writing Pad.  Our last class is on September 11th and it makes me sad to see it go. This summer really has been dedicated to writing, writing, and writing some more.  I’ve gone to events, taken one day classes, taken multi-week classes, signed up for the retreat in October, and will even be taking the advanced YA fiction class in October.  My paycheck might not be very big, but I can’t think of anything else besides writing classes.  (Oh…and bras.  The girls love the view from here now!)

August 1st-31st: Work

I got at least 15 hours each week, so I really learned how to teach kiddos how to read and to become better writers.  Really what I’ve been doing is reveling in the parts of teaching that I love.

August 20th: Liz’s going away party

Liz and her friends at her going away party

Liz is going to move to NYC to attend graduate school.  I am totally going to miss her so I made sure to go to her going away party.  I don’t think the distance will be all that bad.  As I learned from Maggie and Andrea when they went away to law school, instant messaging is where its at!   In case you were wondering, I’m the black one.

August 27th: Lunch with the Castenedas in Covina.

Have you ever driven towards the desert in a heat wave?  We weren’t even out of downtown and the air felt like it was on fire.  It just got worst the further east we went.  I had washed my hair that morning, and my locs are thick and take ALL DAY to dry.  On the 27th they took 90 minutes. The Castenedas are such a great family!  Kim and Louie are super duper sweet.  Louie also looks like George Clooney.  They have the sweetest little girls with whom I had the pleasure of playing bookstore and dollhouse.  Oh, and they fed us Stater Brothers fried chicken.  Holy Cheesecake.  I love fried chicken.  Did I mention that they have air conditioning and cable?  It was like being at a resort.   I wanted to move in.

August 28th: Lunch with Maggie.

FUN FUN FUN FUN.  Its nice to see her when we can get together.  I don’t know how I manage to fill my days with so many things to do when I work considerably few hours then I have in the past.  I guess that’s how this place stays clean. She im’d me about getting together and I had to consult my planner!!  I’m excited to see her and cliff again this weekend when they come over to the new place.  Sadly, there will be no xbox.  We’ll have to go out to Tender greens!


Image: ‘Ruffle Bustle Bumbag progress shot‘ 
Image: Liz’s going away party by Liz 

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  1. Haha, “I’m the black one”… story of my life…

    Sounds like you’ve had a crazy month. Completely explains why we haven’t heard from you, haha! Congratulations on your whenever-aniversary (aren’t those the best kind anyway?)

    • THanks! it was kind of crazy, wasn’t it. i’m trying to get back at just updating, but i mainly did it so that i could post pictures for my mom. isn’t that sad. i’ve been writing a lot. I’m writing a coming of age novel about a girl who moves from the inner city to the suburbs because her family moves. I didn’t realize until yesterday how much this is my life…cuz this really happened to me. i didn’t intend it that way, but in the writing book i’m reading they mention that writing a novel is often cathartic. I don’t know about that. Therapy is cathartic. Writing is my labor of love.

      i have some questions for you: who was the guy in san diego? did you know him before?i got confused and then impatient and thought i’d just ask you what was up. hugs, candace

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