10 minute Tuesday: Only in LA


A blade of green grass

I’m trying to get back in the habit of writing and blogging.  I try to write everyday, but blogging is something that I do like once a month.  I’ve noticed that some of my favorite bloggers keep their practice up by blogging in daily themes, scenes from their lives, or being incredibly expressive and genius.  Consider me totally impressed, and yes I’ve been paying attention. Aside from my cat, my awesome husband, and my friends, writing is taking a much bigger place in  my life and is an area where I need accountability.  My book is totally not going to write itself!  Thanks to Marilyn over at Writing Pad, I am a part of an awesome writing community here in LA!  Seriously, if you’ve ever thought for a millisecond about writing, you should take a Writing Pad class.  They’re awesome.  Every time I think that I’ve taken all the classes I can, five more topics pop up that I MUST take or I’ll just die.  (That was me practicing my teenage daughter voice!) In honor of writing my book, developing my writing practice (thank you Judy Reeves), and holding me accountable I’ve decided to launch 10 Minute Tuesdays.

A 10 minute Tuesdays post will be a sample of timed writing that I did on that Tuesday.  The writing will be in response to a prompt that I got from somewhere (the net, Judy Reeve’s book A Writer’s Book of Days, Aaron Henne’s book You Already Know, the blog Well Fed Muse) and that was written in ten minutes.  I reserve the right to spell check and clarify, but the content will be based on what I was prompted to write in those ten minutes.  All writing is mine and there will be either a link or a page number and author to where you can find the original prompt.

Today’s prompt is from The Well Fed Muse.  Here is my piece.


Joshua handed me the box of decoration to string up on our gift wrapping table in the Grove’s Barnes and Noble.   It was all I could do to not stop and watch him every chance I got.  His head nodding to some song I couldn’t hear made me want to dance along.    I purposely wrapped the edges of the sleeves on my shirt around my fingers to keep my hands from touching his.  I didn’t trust what I would do if our fingers touched.  Probably something embarrassing, like faint or grab him and kiss him.  My hormones had been unpredictable like that lately.

“Huh, Helen Emory Landon Logan High School gift wrap,” a voice read our sign from over my shoulder as I was taping the tinsel in place.  “HELL HIGH.  That is hilarious.”  He laughed loud enough to make up for the lack of laughter around him.  Looking up, I was blinded by a smile that rivaled that of Joshua Kimball’s, which is pretty hard.  I tried to speak, but between his smile and Josh’s, my voice box gave out.

Josh spoke instead.  “hey man, you’re that dude in High school Musical. The baking kid.”  Josh looked over to me where I sat speechless hoping for some back up.

“Chris Warren Jr.” My voice was breathy.   Oh, God, I sound like a porn star.

Chris turned to me and winked.  His smile did the impossible and brightened by a thousand watts.

“Man, I love that movie! You were great! ” Josh reached a hand out for a high-five.  I braced myself for the cataclysmic even that would happen when their palms touched.  The floors of the store would crack open and I would be swallowed whole in an explosion of hotness.

“Thanks, man,” Chris said as their hands move from high-five to fist pump.  I felt the floor begin to shift beneath my feet and reached to steady myself without taking my eyes of their moving hands.  Instead of planting my feet firmly on the ground, I reached for the white table-cloth sweeping it off the and onto me as I fell backwards on to my elbows.

“Are you okay?” Their voices became one as they swooped forward to either side of me.  Two pairs of brown eyes, pink lips, white smiles, caramel skin.  Josh’s hand on my shoulder.

“I think… I am going to faint” I whispered. Then I did.


Image: ‘Happy Fresh Green New Year!


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