Random Thursday: Dialogue


I’m taking an online course with Writing Pad (So You Think You Want to be a Writer) and here is a sample of what I wrote for today’s lesson on dialogue.


“You’re kidding me right?”  I said, looking back and forth between Michelle and Carmen.  “What happened?!”  I leaned against the wall, trying not to rip the poster of Kobe off my wall but gave up and it came down with me when I  slid to the floor.  They remained standing, a western standoff ready to take place.

“It’s all her fault.   I’m not saying that she should have known better.   I’m just sayin that it was a set up , clear as day.”   Carmen shifted on her feet and looked at Michelle.

Michelle rolled her eyes and placed her hands on hips before letting out a half laugh half sigh.  “Right, and you know all about set ups.  From all the times you’ve ever had to go and meet potential drug buying clients.  Is that what your ‘just sayin’?”  She formed finger quotes around the phrase and glared at Carmen when she did it.  “Literally, that is just the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.  Anyone could see that this is literally not my fault.”

“You’re the one who told us about the guys.  You know these guys from school.  They’re your old friends.   How do we know that you weren’t in on it?  Now, I’m not saying that you were in on it, but if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck…”

“Whoa.  One, I was trying to do you both a favor by expanding our clientele.  Two, I am screwed just as much as the two of you. And three, I would rather be tortured then set my cousin up to be robbed.  Seriously.  You know me, Libby.”  Michelle turned to me and looked half sincere and half expecting of me to take her side.  I stood silent.

She turned back to Carmen.   “Anyway, what kind of person forgets the tasers?  That was your job!  You knew it could get heated, you were supposed to bring them with you.  That is literally the worst move I’ve ever heard.”

“Hey, we had them.  They just weren’t charged. We shouldn’t have even needed them.” She sighed and threw her arms in the air as she was beating a dead horse, or whatever the phrase is.  “All I’m saying is, if we were dealing with people that were reputable and didn’t have it in them to want to hurt girls then we wouldn’t have needed the tasers in the first place.  You said these were good guys, and we trusted you.”



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