Random Thursday: Thanksgiving


It is Thanksgiving here in the States and I have so much  for which to be grateful.  2011 has been a year of great change for me and the whole world.  My major projects for today include writing and creating a gratitude collage that I can print out and tape to the inside of my coffee tumbler.

I am grateful for:

My body.  It is full and thick and strong.  My legs hold me up in Warrior Pose as well as on the dance floor and while I walk (even if I don’t walk very far).

My Husband.  His calm and genorosity of spirit inspire me everyday.  Its incredible to know that someone believes in me as much as he does.

My sister and my mom. Through a series of eye opening conversations, they’ve become the supportive and challenging safety net that I’ve needed my entire life.

My friends who model for me everyday how to love me, so that I can one day  love myself as much as they love me.

Yoga and the instructors at Santa Monica Yoga.  I feel so much more whole since I started my practice there last year.

I’m sure I’ll think of more things and I will add to this list every week.  Happy Thanksgiving!



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