90 for 90: day 1


girl sitting with an umbrella in the rain

Winter in Los Angeles means rain.  Its coming down so hard that it reminds me of …well, winter in Los Angeles.  It only sounds like it’s coming down hard, the same way that people think that it’s really rainy in Seattle:  it’s an illusion.  In seattle, where I’m from, it’s not that its rainy weather.  It’s just that its gray, misty weather.  It doesn’t really RAIN, it just mists, like the spray they give vegetables in the produce area of the grocery store.  If you ever visit Seattle, chances are the only people you’ll actually see with umbrellas are tourists.  They’re too cumbersome for the little effect they have.  Zip up your coat all the way, pull on your hood and tuck in your chin to keep the water off your face, and you’ll be fine.  When it rains really hard in Seattle people just stay inside.

On this beautifully gray winter morning in Los Angeles, it sounds like its raining crazy  hard because I can hear the water falling out of the drain pipes and over the slatted windows pieces in the bathroom.  It’s probably not raining that hard, but its loud enough to inspire this mornings first 90 for 90 writing.

My alarm started going off at 7 am and it took me until 7: 45 to actually move my butt and sit up in bed.  I meditated for five minutes, brushed my teeth, washed my face,  and ate my cereal. By then it was 8:15 so I opened my lap top and typed the first sentence that came to mind.  The writing part isn’t hard.  It’s the waking up part that is the killer.  I absolutely love sleeping.  Writing from my bed seemed to work this morning.  I am glad to see that I can write even without being in a Starbucks.  I wrote from 8:15 until 9:30.  It’s not a full 90 minutes of writing, but this counts doesn’t it.  I wonder if I should have a word count that I’m trying to achieve.  Today’s word count is 1153 words.  With NaNoWriMo the daily count is 1666 words, which after 30 days should get you up to 50k.  Hmmmmmm.  I felt like my scene was over so I stopped.   Well, I’ll add this scene to my yWriter and at least that will count towards my writing time.

Thank you for reading!!   Do you have a daily writing goal?  How is that working for you?  What is your process?

Image: ‘Wet girl


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