10 min Tuesday: Saved


baby laying on the floor of an elevator while mom looks at her cell phone

Now no day of writing would be complete without a mini writing breakdown.  I had to submit a piece to be workshopped for the online class I’m taking and that was the perfect opportunity to freak out about the story I am writing, as in What story am I writing?  I don’t know why I freak out in such a way? I have an outline of the story I am writing.  I also have a million voices in my head telling me that what I’m writing isn’t going to sell, its not right, blah blah blah.  So apart of my 90 minutes of writing today was spent dashing out a quick email to a good writing friend and talking myself out my insecurity tree. When that was done I felt much better about what I was writing and my capability to do so!   Whew.  We all have those moments, don’t we?  Deep  breath.

Here is my 10 minute write.  Its inspired by a scene that I outlined for as yet unnamed project.


The sound of the world coming to a halt is pretty much the same as a hallway full of teenagers gasping in shock at the same time. There is this sharp “huuuuhhhhhh” followed by an eery silence.  I pushed Alex way and pressed myself against the wall. “Holy shit.  Holy shit.  I didn’t… I’m so …”  His brown face was red and a  weird  mix of shock and like spread across his face.

The next thing I knew a firm hand gripped my arm and I was being dragged into the girls bathroom.  Behind me the world resumed its usually turning and loud laughs and chatting filled the hallway once again.   I looked up to find Amber standing in front of me, one hand still gripping my arm, the other holding the bathroom door shut.  When some girl attempted to follow us in she shouted, “ its closed!” and turned the deadbolt to fasten the door shut.

“What was that!?”  Her green eyes flared, little hints of orange around her pupil becoming more prominent.

“When you’re angry,  you’re eyes do this fiery thing and you look possessed,”  I said.

“You’re the one who must be possessed. Why are you kissing Alex Vargas in the hallway?”

The memory of pressing his lips against mine flashed across my mind and I felt my knees go weak. Instead of gripping my other arm and propping me up on the bathroom sink, Amber let me drop to the floor.  On my knees I bent forward and covered my face with my hands. .  “OH MY GOODNESS! WHAT DID I DO?”  The shock continued to come over me in waves and I took deep breaths.

Amber stood over me, her arms crossed at her chest, watching me freak out. After about thirty seconds she coughed.  I peaked up at her through my fingers.   “Are you done yet?”

“Not yet,” I said and let out a one last wail about the state of my sanity before standing up and shaking out my arms and legs.  When done I stood calmly in front of her.   “There, now I’m done.”

“Good.”  She smirked and out of nowhere her palm was hitting the side of my face.  Without thinking my own hand flew up and slapped her in the face. Her hair flew across her face with a satisfying wave as her face whipped to the right.  I want my hair to do that, I thought.


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