Random Thursday: Back to the beginning


After spending the day outlining and playing the card game (arranging scenes on “cards” or text boxes in a word document) I  was finally able to just write and not think about anything else!  I officially am calling a moratorium on me reading any more writing books until I get my first draft out.  As my husband says, “otherwise, you’re just procrastinating.” Which is very, very true. The first draft just needs to get done! And in honor of getting things done I was able to write my first chapter tonight.  Sigh. Thank you muse, husband, cat, universe, blogosphere, veggie pizza, apple cider beer, and you, who ever you are.  Thanks to you most of all.



The hallways of HELL High- named for our unfortunately named founder, Helen Ebert Lambda Logan-  were less empty than usual.  The first day of school allowed for unusual behavior to go unquestioned as teachers and administrators tried to scramble to  balance class sizes, fix schedules and enroll new students.   I walked forward towards the main office only to feel myself being snatched backwards by Michelle.

“I am not your rag doll.” I struggled from her grasp but even free followed her into the bathroom.

“No, you are just my favorite and best friend,” her thin fingers clawed at the straps of my backpack until it was off my shoulders, “and provider of goodies.”  As she began her search of the bag’s pockets I checked each stall.  I could have told her where it was but I preferred to make her work for it.

“Ah ha!”  she held up the  miniature tin of Altoids over head like she’d won a race.  I couldn’t help but smile at her happiness.  She opened the tin carefully as to not spill the contents.

“Did you roll these all yourself?”  A wave of pride washed over me as she looked at the four joints with awe.

“Yeah, they look good huh?  Dad had Sampson over last week and he must have rolled a dozen and then dared me to try.  He says I’m a quick study.”

“You are.  Add that to your list of completely wasted talents,” she closed the tin and stuck it in the portable tampon container she kept in her purse.



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