Show and Tell Saturday


circles in the sky made by a jet

I had the most amazing class at Writing Pad today!  Seriously, you need to take a class with Marilyn if you’re ever in the Los Angeles area.  If you’re reading this and already in the LA area, what are you waiting for?  Today’s class focused on the art of showing in writing.  We’ve broached this subject in other Writing Pad classes but today’s focused class really helped to lock it down for me.  I think it has a lot to do with Marilyn’s exercises.  I’m studying my notes so that I can apply her method to my own writing.  I just need her to write a book.  Until then, I’ll just keep taking classes.

In this timed writing I am “showing” an emotion using action.  Care to take a guess at what it is?


The sky was burning a magnificent hue of baby blue when I stepped out of the house.  Absent of clouds and grey, it was showing off its color, reminding of us of its potential.  I  took in the blue and felt a surge of energy fill my blood as I walked towards Lim’s market.  My brain filled my ears with the Ella Fitzgerald and  Duke Ellington song that had been playing in the car ride on the way back.  Each step came out like a dance.  Up, up, down, down.  Up, up, down, down, turn, turn, turn, turn, turn.  I held my arms out in front of me as I spun on the tip toes of both feet.  I used the force of stepping with my left foot to push my body off the ground while kicking my right leg through the air.   The waist of my jacket floated up whenever I lifted my arms, as did the hem of my dress. Again and again I leaped, defying gravity by an inch that felt like mile of upward lift.

Mrs. Lim stood with her arms crossed over her chest and her eyes cocked as I landed my third leap in front of her store.  Silent, her short stature on display while her gigantic attitude took a break, she eyed me curiously.  Taking a deep breath,  I pulled the rising hem down back over my knees and straightened my jacket. She moved to the side as I approached the entry way.   As I stepped forward to move into the store I felt compelled to stop and wrap my arms around the woman whose chin came to my shoulder.  So I did.


Image: ‘Around and Around We Go


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