10 Minute Tuesday: Stars


Image Fire in the ISO6400 sky

I hope everyone is having a great day.   As it gets closer to the holidays I know it can be really stressful as well as pretty awesome.  I can’t think of any other time of year where those two emotions are so interlocked.  For me this time has been pretty sweet.  Aside from getting the bill for the cost of the crowns I’m getting (replacing two baby teeth that had never been pushed out because they didn’t have any adult teeth beneath them), things have been pretty merry.  I am still writing for 90 minutes a day.  I’ve only done 10 so far today, and however many this counts for, but I plan on doing more as soon as I get this post up.  I just wanted to get it posted while I remembered to do it.  My to do list is mighty long.

Today’s prompt was inspired by Jennifer over at Quirkn’it.  Its on setting, but mine includes dialog.  Here is my 10 minute Tuesday piece.


The smell of  grilled onions and cilantro with squirts of juice fresh from the lime on top of grilled steak-clung to the cold air long after we ‘d finished our tacos.  Josh tossed the foiled wrappers into the white to go bag and threw both inside of the truck.   I sat the edge of the truck bed, warm and full though our time in Barstow had so far been chilly and left us empty handed.

He reached for my hand, “Come here.”  I didn’t hesitate or pull away.  A full stomach and a nice smile made me more likely to be grateful and less reserved.  I scooted to the middle of the truck bed and together we laid back.  I blinked my eyes twice to make sure they were not fooling me or that what I was seeing wasn’t just a trick of my eye glasses.  They weren’t and it wasn’t.

“Holy…”  There were more stars then I ever knew existed.  Diamonds of stars floated in the dark blue sky in layers.   The closer, larger stars shone brightly but did not out doo the smaller layer of stars behind them, stars that no amount of clear sky in Los Angeles had ever revealed.  Like a 3 D optical allusion the stars seemed to be reaching out to me.  I held out my hand and the sky reached back.

The hard cold steel of the truck on my back mixed with the warmth of Josh’s arm next to mine.  After a few moments of silence the warmth and his breath reminded me that he was there.  “I know this wasn’t your exact plan, but…”

“No, this is pretty cool.”  I pulled my hand back in and turned my head to smile at him.

Image: ‘Fire in the (ISO6400) sky


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