10 minute Tuesday: Dreams




You thought I wouldn’t write, didn’t you?  Well, I did.  The only day that I didn’t do my writing was yesterday, the day after Christmas.  Instead of writing I went shopping for shoes and shirts and even fabric to make a skirt.  More on that later.

Today’s writing prompt was inspired by a scene that I wrote last week.  In the scene, Libby, mentions a frequent night time event.  I decided to give it a try writing that event.


Wait, just wait.  Once your heart slows down, you can move.

I pressed my head against my pillow, my heart pounding, my breath hard.  The skin on my arms tingled from the blood rushing close to the surface. The tingling spread down my chest, over my stomach and down to my …  whoa.  Sitting up straight, I threw my legs over the side of the bed and was on my knees before I could take in a breath.  Hands clasped tightly I began to pray.

“Heavenly Father,

Thank you for your guidance and love.  Please forgive me for my sins.  I don’t know how to control these lust filled dreams.  They continue to come and I can’t seem to make them stop.  Please forgive me.    Amen”

I dropped my head on to my covers, exhausted though I’d just woken from sleep.  I felt like I’d been running for miles, trying to escape something.   I closed my eyes and saw his face again.

No,  Libby, stop it.

I opened my eyes and turned my head so that I was facing the walls of my bedroom.  Straining my eyes I searched for something to look at without moving from my knees or my head from my bed.  The room was dark, the only light coming in from the streets through cracks in the blinds coloring the walls a murky yellow.  I didn’t reach for my glasses which would make everything crisp and clear.  I sank into the blurred vision, trying to force my eyes to stay open to avoid seeing his face.  Avoid seeing those soft pink lips that had pressed themselves against my toes.  My toes?  I certainly didn’t want to see his body, round stomach and soft bare chest, but oddly strong arms that lowered himself down onto me in my dreams.  Goodness, where did he get those arms from?  Had he always been like that?  My stomach shuddered.

Stop it, Libby.

I shook my head and snapped my eyes wide awake.  He’s your friend.  This is not right.  This cannot continue.  Goodness gracious, how long will it take for the spot between my legs to stop pulsing?   Lord, this doesn’t make sense.

I pounded my fist into my mattress in full blown tantrum mode.  Even on my knees I was able to kick my feet.  “Aargg!!!”  I grunted into my pillow.  I pounded my fists and kicked my feet until I heard the knock on my door.


Image: ‘Trust


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