NYE 2011


lotus flower

It is New Year’s eve.  2011 has been a year of growth, definitely.   I really got in to the groove of my new life as a wife and feeling like a human being, not just a worker bot.  2011 really was the year of letting go of the plan and learning to trust myself.  I really thought I knew what I wanted.  I was so sure of it when I left my job as a teacher.  But things don’t always work out the way they are planned for a reason.  One day I read a really great book, I went online and found a really great writing community in my back yard and my life has been changed ever since.  I am learning to dream and learning that dreaming and taking risks is totally worth it.  I don’t plan on setting resolutions for 2012.  I intend on being open to what comes down the hatch.  Being open has really worked in my favor.  That doesn’t mean that I will stop writing or being deliberate.  No, it means that I continue to work on being my authentic self, to listening to my body, mind and heart.  I am so grateful that all that this year has brought.  I am open and accepting to all that 2012 has to bring.  I hope everyone has a safe and happy new year’s eve!!


Image: ‘Noble Vanity


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