I totally didn’t abandon you, I promise. I love you so much that I am typing this on my phone! My little laptop is burning out. The keyboard is no longer typing at a speed or accuracy that matches my own. I am not a super typer,  but if I wanted to process at a snails pace I would write my book by hand.

I am still writing for 90 minutes a day,  minus Tuesday, which was just too hectic.  I wrote two scenes on Wednesday at Starbucks (where I also had a Sarah Michelle Gellar sighting) that I will post as soon as I get them typed.  With every day I am getting a better handle on the premise and being able to articulate what I am doing.  

Here’s a few ways that I would describe the current state of the theme:
*good girl gone bad
*self discovery
*complex issues with faith

I feel good having narrowed things down,  even if just for today. I promise to bring you more writing as soon as possible.


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