10 Minute Tuesday: Fright Night



Woman's face with skeleton fingers

I am attempting to shift my mindset when it comes to writing.  I’m trying to not keep the mindset of “oh, i’ll just rewrite this in the future” when it comes to writing scenes.  I often get caught up in this because instead of being set free by the statement I end up obsessing about how I”ll make a scene better in the future.  How about if I just write the scene and come back to it…you know, during revision.

Here is a part of a scene and part of the internal conflict that the main character Libby is having now that her hormones have started kicking in.   I’m taking the awesome advice of KM Wiedland to just type out the dialog as it comes to me and worry about the tags or the action points later.



Maybe if a deranged lunatic has escaped from a nearby mental facility, he’ll find me making out with someone and decide to kill me.  Dead girls don’t take the SAT.   Wait, I don’t have anyone to make out with and  the virgin never dies in those horror movies.  And wasn’t that the purpose of Fright Night: to scare us all into keeping our virginity until we meet the man who could protect us from premarital sex, teenage pregnancy, abortion, and all those things that come from living a dirty life?  Note: find someone to make out with.

“Hey, libby,”  his voice caused me to jump. I turned to find Josh standing behind me, quietly appearing like his space ship had beamed him out of the sky. “Wow, I scare you a lot.”

“Its that whole sneaking up on people thing that you do.”

“Yeah.  I’ll work on that.”

“Please do.”  I turned to stare at the doors of the church.  The sounds of the music leaked out over the sound of hammering and laughing.

“You going in?”  He tucked the box under his right arm and shielded his eyes with the other hand.

“I kind of have to.  I’m one of the leads on the project.”

“Really?  This didn’t seem like your kind of thing.”

I looked at him, questioning.  To everyone else, my position of Reverend Taylor’s niece meant that all things with the church were supposed to interest me.

“Oh, yeah. Its totally don’t have anything better to do with my saturday. I love the idea of building a haunted house to help kids realize that either they behave or the will be doomed.  Its  a blast.”  I gave him two thumbs up and a cheese grin.

He gave me a blank stare and a shake of his head before responding with an “Okay,” and continued walking towards the church.  Note: work on sarcasm.

“Wait up.” I sped up my walk to be at his side. He shifted his box to under his other arm and opened the doors for us.  I leaned against the opening door to allow him to pass.


“What’s in the box?”

“The pamphlets for tonight.”   He pulled one out and handed it to me.  A picture of last years youth group was on the front above the word “Join us”.  Younger versions of Amber, Michelle, and I stood within the group of other teens and kids at our church after last years spring picnic.  Amber and Michelle smiled at the camera.  I was looking off in tthe distance.

“What were you looking at?”

“I don’t know.”

Image: ‘Shock Shock Horror Horror


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